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**** Welcome to the AddaFreeAd.com Scrolling Message! At the end of this message is the link to return back to the Ad Board that does offer you advertising options to consider: Check them out. The Webmaster also offers ways you can get FREE Upgraded Ads! When adding your ad/s use your real name so the Webmaster's emails will be personalized for you. After confirming your email address so your ad can be added to the Ad Board look for emails from: [email protected] (do add this email address to your contacts) but the main email that is a must read starts with: IMPORTANT in the subject that email you'll learn more about AddaFreeAd.com plus in that one email you can edit your free or upgraded ad if your ad is not upgraded yet you can upgrade it from that email. You can also compose/edit your free viral email ad and the 3 AddaFreeAd.com banners to advertise the Ad Board (with your own viral account id number included in each banner url) are there to use 1, 2 or all 3 - Do save that IMPORTANT email. Your free viral email ad will remain after your ad is bumped off my ad board but is deleted if the viral ad email address don't work. The Ad Board is loaded with much information! If anything ExCiTeS you and is what you seek consider getting involved! Here's a solution: If you don't already have a free ad on the Ad Board yet add one and look for the long email from the Webmaster! That email is a must read! Then you'll have a much better idea what and or all to get involved with because if you don't try what really ExCiTeS you that you have a great feeling about you will not know if it would of worked for you or not. You'll have "What If I Joined" in the back of your mind. If you have a Dream and Want it Bad Enough: You'll Do It! "Believe and You'll Achieve!" - Louis, Jr. [email protected]AddaFreeAd.com Thanks For Reading This Entire Scrolling Message! You Can Return Back To: AddaFreeAd.com Now! ****