- Contest Rules: For up to 10 No Cost Upgraded Ads to up to 10 Winners.
Contest for up to 10 to win ((90 day stay))
One No Cost Upgraded Ad: Contest Rules.

Hello Subscribers!!!

It's Easy to Win One Free Upgraded Ad Rules. But First
Read The Ad Board's: Terms of use and Privacy Policy.

I will be giving away up to 10 free (no cost upgraded ads)!!!

- If you already have a ad listed on my Ad Board unless it's near the top of
ads you will have to add another free ad using your real first and last name
in the ad profile name section. The reason to add another free ad is it will be
on my ad board longer. If you'll be adding another free ad you'll need to use a
different email address than you used for your current free ad. A email address
expiring after using it (disposable email addresses are not allowed and any found
the ad connected with the disposable email address is deleted).

---> If you arrived here from the ▶ Contest Rules ◀ link on or
from another link found elsewhere and don't have a free ad on my ad board yet
you can enter this contest by adding a free ad (will be considered a new ad) and
follow the Contest Rules listed here on this specially made page for the contest..

- You must if you did not yet do: Add a free viral email ad and advertise
one of the free 3 banners you can find in the email from:
[email protected] that starts with IMPORTANT in the subject.

- You must email me and or leave me voice mail (24/7 for messasges at:
215.602.2474 when you don't want to listen to my outgoing info message
press any number key and you can leave your message after the beep).

- After you added a new free ad (with your real first/last name) and composed
a free viral email ad and are advertising one of the 3 banners
with your viral id number you are then eligible to win.

- In the email to [email protected] or the 215.602.2474 call

Give me this information:

- Name (first/last) in your brand new
free ad profile. Must be real name.
- Free Ad ID number (if you win this
ad will be your free upgraded ad).
- Free Viral Email Ad ID number.
- Where the banner for your viral
email ad is advertised: Give the site URL.

- One person can only win once and this contest is for the 1st 10 that
either leave me a voice mail or send me a email with all the correct info.

- In most cases I will give my free service for the winners free upgraded ad:
Meaning I will look over the site your advertising and make the text/background
ad colors match the site better if needed, plus I may add a image from the site or
use another that may be one of the many upgraded ad images...

Winners do know even if I edit your free upgraded ad you can edit your ad anytime
as long as your upgraded ad is still on my ad board: Change colors/text/url/image!!
If you know in advance you want to edit the upgrade: Include it with your contest info.

---> Contest is until: Jan 31, 2020 will end sooner if 10 winners are reached prior
to deadline date. In the situation where 10 winners is not reached by deadline date
the contest most likely will be extended until 10 winners is reached in the Contest!!!

---> You'll know you won if you see your free ad was upgraded and is listed: Here!!!

---> GOOD LUCK!!!

Thanks for being a Subscriber!!!
Wish you and yours the Very Best!
Do Consider This and This and This!

Louis J. Gentile, Jr.
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Believe and You Can Achieve!!!
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